Exploring the Realm of Free Online Tarot Card Readings: Unveiling 10 Premium Platforms

Free online tarot card readings have gained immense popularity as people seek both convenience and mysticism in one digital package. While many platforms offer free initial minutes, they also extend premium services that provide deeper insights for a fee. That websites provide users with free reading time, along with options for affordable extended sessions.

Top 10 Sites That Offer Free Online Tarot Reading Times


Keen is a renowned platform that offers a unique approach to tarot readings. New users are greeted with a special deal that provides the first 3 minutes of a reading for free. This introductory offer allows users to get a taste of the reader’s style before committing to a longer session. After the initial minutes, Keen provides affordable $1.99 per-minute rates for continued insights.

2、Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a well-established platform that combines a wide range of psychic abilities with tarot readings. New users can enjoy an introductory rate of $1 per minute, which offers a budget-friendly opportunity to delve into the world of tarot. This initial rate allows users to experience the reader’s skills and choose a session that suits their needs.


Kasamba is known for its diverse selection of psychic advisors and tarot readers. The platform offers an enticing offer for new users: the first 3 minutes of any session are free. This allows individuals to connect with an advisor, experience their reading style, and decide if they wish to continue at affordable per-minute rates.

4、California Psychics

California Psychics is a platform that features a variety of intuitive readers, including tarot specialists. The platform provides an offer of $1 per minute for new users, allowing them to explore different readers and receive insightful tarot guidance without breaking the bank.

5、Purple Garden

Purple Garden is a platform that provides users with a free initial minute experience of Tarot divination wisdom. The platform offers a variety of psychic services, including tarot readings, with very affordable rates starting as low as $0.99 per minute after the initial free $10 credit.


Known for its affordable pricing, MysticSense offers 5 minutes free for new users on the first use, and comprehensive tarot readings for as little as $1 per minute thereafter. This approach ensures that you have ample time to gain insight from your readers without a major financial commitment.


PathForward offers new users a deal of 3 free minutes plus 50% off the remainder of their first session. This discounted offer gives you an opportunity to explore the reader’s insights at a reduced cost.


Oranum is a unique platform that offers free live video readings of tarot cards by fortune tellers. It also offers free credits, a free 5-minute bonus for new user signups that offers an affordable option, followed by live video chat readings for as little as $1 per minute. The platform’s interactive approach adds a personal touch to your tarot experience.


AskNow offers new users a special deal: the first 5 minutes of a reading are free. This allows individuals to connect with their chosen reader and explore the insights offered by tarot cards. AskNow also provides reasonable per-minute rates for in-depth readings.

10、7th Sense Psychics

7th Sense Psychics offers new users a unique deal: the first 3 minutes of a reading are free, with a low introductory rate of $0.40 per minute afterward. This option allows users to explore their chosen reader’s abilities and gain valuable insights from the tarot.

Bottom line

As for now, the world of free online tarot card readings offers a plethora of options for those seeking guidance and insight. While these platforms provide initial free minutes, they also present budget-friendly opportunities to explore tarot readings more deeply. By taking advantage of these introductory offers and affordable rates, individuals can access the wisdom of the tarot and uncover valuable insights into their lives.

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